Lab Freezer Monitoring

    Unique features, Minimal maintenance and Low cost


    · Enterprise model supports enterprise WiFi, multiple secondary SSIDs and can trigger captive portal

    · Three sensors in one probe, temperature, door and contact alarm

    · Email, text and call

    · Mobile friendly UI

    · Simple DIY installation with WiFi-based soap-size device only

    · A click heats up sensor for temperature drill


    · $120 subscription per freezer per year

    · $120 per device, each monitors three side-by-side freezers

    · $80 per probe

    · Significant discount for academic user

    · Contact us for local setup, humidity, light, fluid level or other sensors

    Our Customers

    · A testimony signed by Daniel S. McConnel, Director of CLASS Laboratory, University of Michigan

    · Michigan Brain Bank

    · Life Sciences Institute, University of Michigan

    · University of Michigan Medical School

    · University of Michigan Department of Internal Medicine

    · University of Michigan School of Dentistry

    · University of Michigan School of Public Health

    · Wayne State University


    · Try it with user name '' and password 'demo'


    · May 14, 2018, Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan financially supported the development and deployment of our Enterprise model across Michigan Medicine network UofM startup.

    · Oct 15, 2015, University of Michigan regents approved FreezerNanny as a UofM startup.

    · 2013, initially developed and deployed in Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute, University of Michigan, monitoring 78 freezers, room temperature, light and humidity across University of Michigan and Wayne State University.